The PEP Program is designed to help students achieve academic success at the middle and high school level while developing the skills, habits and knowledge to prepare them for the rigors of college and beyond.

PEP students receive a solid academic foundation plus assistance in those areas where they might require additional help. Through a combination of group instruction, one-on-one tutoring, concentrated individual study, and peer-to-peer learning, students are immersed in an educational environment that puts them on track for college entrance and success, and instills the confidence that comes with academic achievement.

How We Help

Once accepted into the program, here are just some of the academic benefits PEP Students will receive:

  • An emphasis on strengthening academic foundations (focusing on math and reading)
  • Assistance in assignment completion and with long-term academic projects
  • Test preparation
  • Development of executive functioning skills (e.g. time management and organization)
  • Access to laptops, printers, textbooks, and other school supplies
  • Individualized academic coaching that supports each student’s strengths and goals

Academic Coaching

To help the PEP students develop the necessary academic, study, and executive functioning skills needed to be successful in school, college, and beyond, each student at PEP is assigned an academic coach who will provide individualized instruction and support. The academic coach will meet with each assigned student once per week for “check-ins” to examine each student’s learning styles, habits of working, and current difficulties or barriers to success. Then together (the academic coach and the student) will develop a plan to address any areas of concern and strengthen each student’s skill set.

“If you really think about all the challenges school brings, and everything that is expected from you, it’s actually such a great thing that you’re in PEP and you’re actually one lucky child that you were chosen to be in such a fantastic program.”

– Julissa

To learn more about how the PEP Program helps students achieve academic success, contact us today at 908-277-1106.