The Board of Trustees has adopted core values, which will guide members of the Board and staff in their work at all levels – from organizational planning to program design to work with individual students.

We Believe:

  • Every student deserves the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential;
  • No student should be denied educational opportunity because of financial resources;
  • Students can develop character through high expectations, role models, and service to the community;
  • Every student deserves a positive, nurturing and structured support system; and
  • With support, students can and should set high goals and strive for excellence in their personal and academic lives.

Board of Trustees

  • Patrick Welsh Sponsor Trustee

  • Carol Welsh Sponsor Trustee

  • Teri Suzuki Board President

  • Karen Cotter

  • Michelle DeMuth

  • Lara Drewes

  • Aysha Hussain

  • Michael Ma

  • Judith McCarthy

  • Christopher Moon

  • Nadine Ray

  • Martha Sayre

  • Laurie Shen Tham

  • Maurice Torres

  • Victoria DeMuth Emeritus Trustee