PEP Program believes that a well-rounded education entails more than just academics. We provide a variety of cultural, artistic, and career-minded activities and experiences that build student interest in a variety of areas, and illustrate how students can apply their academic knowledge and skills in actual professions.

PEP students have the opportunity to partake in:

Cultural Enrichments

PEP students visit museums and theaters such as the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Museum of Natural History, Liberty Science Center, The 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum, The Shakespeare Theater and more. Students also watch documentary films and then discuss social issues and implications.

Visits From Speakers & Professionals

PEP students have participated in lectures and interactive experiences from chefs, etiquette specialists, technology experts, and others.

Hands-on Career Experiences

PEP students might visit Microsoft’s offices for a day of coding, go to Novartis to learn the ins and outs of how corporations work, or spend an afternoon at the local King’s Supermarket learning how to cook.

Participation in these activities excites PEP students about the opportunities around them and helps them to consider multiple approaches to the goals they hope to achieve. Coupled with a strong academic framework, these experiences provide inspiration for success in college, career, and life.

“PEP has allowed me to enjoy experiences I’ve never had before, such as going to college tours, museums, etc. which has broadened my knowledge about the world. I really appreciate the fact that PEP isn’t only an academic setting, but also a setting where we can enjoy ourselves.”

– Jenny

To learn more about the PEP Program’s enrichment and extra-curricular activities, contact us at 908-277-1106.